American Veterans disabled for life memorial

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Take a look at this terrible foundation ran by Lois Pope (the late phony wife of the homo Generoso Pope) and DAV fake Authur Wilson.Go to and find out the truth.

10yrs... over $60,000,000 raised and not much to show for it. We Veterans don't need any of these leftist commie homos raising any money for us. They are just using us and must be stopped.

Call the IRS and your congressman and report this nest of homos.

Lois Pope is a witch dont fall for any of this whores programs.The devils going to have a goodtime with her!

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American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial - This is a tax shelter $.90 on dollar administrative costs

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Go to to find out more about this plastic surgery junkie lib, Lois Pope.The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial is mismanaged and read all about the *** COO Rickfenstermacher and the dirty rotten Aurthur Wislon who has been feeding of Veterans for years.

Who killed Lois Popes first husband????? Was it Generoso Pope???? The little Ginny who wanted a 2 bit ***? Where did Lois Pope stick her mentally challenged daughter?????

Why do all her children hate her???

Read what Paul Pope says about "Mommy Dearest" and this so called charity.A hope 2,000 mile away?

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You're an ***. You need a life. No one cares.

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